Meet the Team

Dr. Shafaat Pirani, PharmD, BCGP

Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer

Leadership, Strategy, and Healthcare Operations

Dr. Pirani has 10+ years of experience leading teams across all avenues of healthcare including interdisciplinary clinics, mail-order pharmacy, pharmaceutical supply chain, telemedicine, and digital health.  Most recently, he was charged with leading the business and product teams to create sustainable digital health programs and applications.  Dr. Pirani is a Board-Certified Geriatric Pharmacist and holds various certifications for medication therapy management, pharmacogenomics, and teaching/precepting with several prestigious universities across Florida.  He is an honorary member of Phi Lambda Sigma, and holds membership with APhA, AMCP, ASCP, and FPA.  As Executive Vice President for DelivMeds, Dr. Pirani is committed to building patient-centric digital health solutions in a B2B2C model, creating value for all stakeholders across the healthcare continuum.

Brett Thompson

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Head of IT, Network Security, and Development

Mr. Brett Thompson has over 20+ years of experience managing, architecting, and implementing custom software products and solutions in healthcare, high tech, government, higher education, and SMB markets.  Mr. Thompson is also extensively experienced in network security and compliance, having undergone several SOC-1 and SOC-2 technical audits.  He has also worked on over 200+ integrations spanning across various healthcare sectors delivering technically proficient products and solutions.

Nikul Panchal, RPh, BCNP

Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer

Business Development and Strategic Vision 

Mr. Panchal brings 25+ years of expertise in leading teams in specialty pharmacy, community/retail, and radio-pharmacy operations.  His career focus has been leading strategic business development efforts with impactful revenue growth for all parties involved.  Mr. Panchal’s passion for integrating technology into the healthcare eco-system furthers his goal to improve the patient journey, which ultimately enhances the quality of life for one patient at a time.  A Board-Certified Nuclear Pharmacist, Mr. Panchal is licensed to practice in six states.  He received his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Drake University.

Dr. Dominique Nguyen, PharmD


Head of Pharmacy Operations and Compliance

Dr. Dominique Nguyen, PharmD, brings 10+ years of experience as a pharmacist. He began his career in a community setting, meeting patients face-to-face, which inspired him to help more patients in the managed care setting as a pharmacy director for a Medicare advantage health plan.  As an account executive, Dr. Nguyen helped implement the savings program for hundreds of health plans, which saved millions of dollars in co-pays, increased medication adherence, and improved health outcomes.  Dr. Nguyen comes to DelivMeds as an experienced and compassionate pharmacist who is committed to providing excellent customer service and patient care.

Lauren Roby

Director of Marketing

Head of Branding and Marketing Strategy

Meet Lauren Roby, a seasoned marketing professional with 12+ years of diverse experience under her belt. With a degree in marketing from the University of South Florida, Lauren has honed her expertise in both traditional and digital marketing realms. Over the years, she has immersed herself in various industries, dedicating part of her career to marketing home services such as home security and HVAC, and most recently to the pharmacy sector, particularly focusing on aiding independent pharmacies in business growth. Her passion for innovative solutions fuels her creativity, allowing her to craft compelling graphic designs and captivating content that resonate with audiences. With a knack for strategic thinking and a keen eye for detail, Lauren is adept at navigating the dynamic landscape of marketing to drive results and exceed expectations.

Stormi Arce

Product Owner

Product Growth and Development 

Mrs. Arce brings 20+ years of professional experience with a background in healthcare and technology.  As a pharmacy technician for over 15 years, she developed a strong passion for patient care as she nurtured her aptness for innovation.  Over the past several years as a product owner, she has combined her clinical expertise and technical acumen to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and technology teams.  Her collaborations have resulted in the creation of various user-friendly mobile solutions that impact patient care, improving healthcare outcomes, and driving efficiency in healthcare settings. Mrs. Arce’s unique blend of experience as a pharmacy technician and product owner, coupled with her passion for superior patient care, positions her to add significant value to the DelivMeds team.

Jenny Delgado

Pharmacy Network Coordinator

Partner Onboarding and Implementation Management 

Ms. Delgado has 20+ years of professional experience in various healthcare settings.  Her passion for helping others guided her into a career in healthcare administration.  Her most recent experience involved managing multiple clinics at both the provider and patient levels.  Ms. Delgado was instrumental in establishing a pharmacy network with a cost-savings program that consisted of independent and enterprise pharmacies for the clinic.  Throughout her career, Ms. Delgado has refined her skills to deliver exceptional care and support, collaboration, and promoting a culture of excellence.  Her work ethic, unmatched dedication, and overall professionalism have provided her with the experience to grow and manage the DelivMeds Pharmacy Network.

Sean Benfield-Cosner, RPhT

Lead Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Operations and Administration

Mr. Benfield-Cosner brings 15+ years of professional experience with an excellent background in customer service and patient care.  Over the past 5 years as a pharmacy technician, he has polished his skills in prescription processing, medication adherence, and pharmacy operations while working both in retail and independent pharmacy settings.  His passion for helping people to achieve their best quality of life has been a driving force in his decision to pursue a career in Healthcare Administration.

Danielle Helmrich, RPhT

Concierge Manager

Head of Claims and Patient Journey

Ms. Helmrich brings 15+ years of pharmacy technician experience while demonstrating a profound understanding of pharmaceutical practices and principles.  This is further enriched by a remarkable 20-year tenure in customer service, emphasizing her commitment to not just dispense medication, but to ensure a positive patient and customer experience. Ms. Helmrich’s combined expertise in both domains not only testifies to her versatility, but also her dedication to delivering unparalleled service and care for the patients she serves.  These dual proficiencies make Ms. Helmrich adept at addressing both health and customer needs with equal finesse.

Sydni Broome, RPhT

Concierge Coordinator

Customer Experience and Channel Coordination

Sydni Broome is a dedicated professional with two years in the pharmacy field and an additional four years in customer service and management roles, bringing a diverse skill set to the table. Her exceptional multitasking abilities, keen organizational skills, and commitment to teamwork ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. Moreover, Sydni’s knack for customer interactions fosters positive relationships and enhances overall satisfaction. Sydni holds an associate’s degree in Arts from St. Petersburg College, underscoring her commitment to personal and professional growth. She is excited to further her growth in her role at DelivMeds.

Yasmin Rivera

Business Development Specialist

Client Relationships and Opportunity Development

Yasmin Rivera has over a decade of experience in customer service, and brings a wealth of expertise in delivering exceptional client experiences and fostering lasting relationships. Prior to her current role, she served as a Patient Coordinator and Lead Medical Assistant at a prominent dermatology office, where she honed her organization and communication skills. Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, professionalism, and compassionate patient care. Yasmin thrives in fast-paced environments and excels at problem-solving and adapting to evolving needs. Her diverse background in customer service and healthcare has equipped her with a unique skill set that enables her to excel in any role she undertakes. At DelivMeds, she is making a positive impact and continuing to deliver outstanding service to clients and patients!