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Download DelivMeds App

Step 1: Download the DelivMeds app, create your account, and choose your preferred pharmacy close to work or home. You can say goodbye to waiting in Pharmacy lines forever!

Login, Confirm, & Save

Step 2: Login and review your prescription. Select the pharmacy that provides the best value & delivery/shipping based on total time to order, distance, and availability.

Receive Your Medications

Step 3: New prescriptions, transfers, and refills are available for same day pickup, same day or next day delivery, or 1-2 days shipping. *Order time is based on pharmacy availability.*

Why use DelivMeds?


Free to download, free to use, sign-up today! Delivery is free for a short period of time, take advantage of it. You pay for nothing more than your typical copay.


Manage all household Prescriptions. Request refills, and process payments, all from the App. Finally, an easy and convenient way to manage your prescriptions via DelivMeds.


Getting your medications wherever you are and whenever! Get relief from the pressures and anxiety that can surface if you need more flexibility when picking up your meds.

New Prescriptions with DelivMeds

For new prescriptions, simply ask your doctor to send your prescription to “DelivMeds” pharmacy (e-Prescribe #5744481). This gives you the power to better manage your prescription and medication regimen. Your DelivMeds digital wallet allows you to add and manage additional family members too!

Refill Reminders with DelivMeds

Don’t stress over refills ever again! Our system makes it easy to add and manage your prescriptions. Receive reminders when it’s time to confirm your next refill and get it the same day.

Prescription Savings with DelivMeds

Save up to 80% on cash prescriptions using the Rx Discount Cards. Search for pharmacies that are closer to you. We make it easy to save on prescriptions so that you can focus on your health!

Recruiting All Pharmacies

We are working to establish the DelivMeds Pharmacy Network.

Get your meds delivered to you quickly and conveniently.

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